Health & Safety


An increase in regulations governing the control of the working environment has combined with increased public awareness of health and safety issues. The Health & Safety at Work etc. Act, COSHH and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations are key documents providing a legal framework for health and safety but there is frequently a need for specialist input and knowledge. Adams Environmental offers a range of services to enable compliance with legislation and the achievement of an efficient and healthy workplace.

See more on the Health & Safety At Work etc. Act 1974

Indoor Air Quality

Office air includes material generated by internal and external sources. Its constituents include dusts and microbial life, as well as components such as fibres and gases derived from the building materials, fabrics and occupants. We can monitor to determine whether health and work is likely to be affected by these airborne contaminants. Ventilation plant and air conditioning systems can play a major role in the elimination of these materials. We can inspect and report on the effectiveness of these systems.

Sick Building Syndrome

Personal comfort and health are essential parameters influencing staff satisfaction and productivity. We can investigate the workplace for air quality, noise levels, microbiological content, light distribution, etc, and report on any potential problem areas.

Occupational Hygiene, Safety & Health

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations requires assessments of workers’ exposure to hazardous substances to be undertaken by a competent person. The complexity of the task warrants the support of specialist companies, experienced in occupational hygiene. Adams Environmental’s qualified personnel can help in the assessment of such risks. Our reports can give practical advice, to enable the client to meet the requirements of the legislation.

Exhaust Ventilation Testing, Dust & Fume Monitoring

Adams Environmental can carry out a range of services to test local exhaust ventilation and to monitor for dust and fumes.