Asbestos Register

The Register details the location, condition and extent of materials identified or suspected during the survey and is usually supported by photographs and marked up plans. The Register format is dependent on the Client’s needs. This can range from simple text to updateable database systems with links to CAD. These records of objective data are essential for a consistent risk assessment process.

Recommendations for management options are given after a full assessment of the risks has been carried out. This will involve consideration of the building use and discussions with the Building Manager. Where remedial works are required, we can provide cost and programme estimates to assist in short and long term budget strategy. Any areas of high risk are immediately brought to the attention of the Client together with advice on suitable action.

Advice on the safe management of asbestos is given after the survey and risk assessment. If the asbestos problem is extreme, cost estimates are given to cover long term budget strategy. Adams Environmental has a responsible attitude to the prudent management of asbestos, enabling the Client to make well-informed decisions.